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Our landlord informed us that we were not allowed to have pets with fur, so my husband and I looked for a scaly friend. Because of our limited space in a two-bedroom apartment, we wanted something that could live comfortably in a 20-gallon tank. This ruled out snakes as well as “normal” bearded dragons.
We decided on a Rankin’s Dragon or Pogona henrylawsoni also called Lawson's Dragon or Dwarf Bearded Dragon. Rankin’s have the same care and husbandry as Bearded Dragons, or Pogona vitticeps. The only difference is the size. Rankin’s grow to a maximum length of 12 inches, while Bearded Dragons can grow to be 24 inches. 
After making this decision to get a Rankin, we adopted Smaug when he was three months old! 
There are so many working parts to owning and caring for these little guys...the tank, lights, food and bathing. I will share regarding all of these to show exactly what you need and why. With my science background, my mind always goes to the question of “why?” Each blog will go into depth of why certain behaviors are happening and how you as the caregiver might respond. 


Bailie grew up in Arizona and kept reptiles: two gopher snakes, a king snake and fence lizards. Bailie moved to Chicago to attend college and graduated in May 2020 with a bachelor's degree in Biology. During her college years, she volunteered before becoming an intern and a fellow for two years at The Morton Arboretum in the Conservation Genetics Department. In her last semester of college, she volunteered at The Field Museum in the Genetics Department. Her love for reptiles led her and her husband to buy a Rankin’s Dragon to have as their first pet. Because of her background in research biology, Bailie is knowledgeable about dragons and has become involved in many Facebook groups as a member as well as an administrator.

DanielFinancial Analyst


Daniel is Bailie’s husband who works hard so Bailie can give Smaug everything his little dragon heart desires! He oversees the website and generally all of the photography aspects of the website. 

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